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What does High-Performance mean to 6AM? 

High-performance is a mindset more than anything else. This mindset embodies a deep desire for continuous improvement in order to no longer be restricted by your past behaviors. On your path to success, you'll encounter many, many challenges. But you do your best to figure out how you can change yourself to overcome them.

A staple in the High-Performance mindset is sacrificing short-term pleasures for long-term goals.

Whether this means waking up at 6AM to exercise before work, skipping the burger for salad, or meditating daily. It takes a dedicated attitude to override the short term pleasures of sleeping in and indulging in greasy food. You make counter-intuitive sacrifices in order to have the energy you need to focus on achieving your goals.


How does this relate to a Dress Shirt? 

When a high-performer runs into an obstacle, they do what it takes to overcome it. One of these "obstacles" for our founder just happened to be how uncomfortable and restrictive dress shirts are. In order for a "Normal" dress shirt to fit him properly, he had to sacrifice comfort. Or vice versa, he'd have to sacrifice the right fit and "up-size" in order to be a little more comfortable. Not to mention how uncomfortable dress shirts were when he was sweating because of his active lifestyle. 

Our blend of High-Performance materials come together and create a shirt (see benefits here) that symbolizes this effort to not be restricted by anything you do.