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High Performance Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts Inspired by Activewear

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Why do dress shirts either fit terribly, or restrict your movement?

2 major problems 6AM WorkShirts has solved.

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Problem 1 = FIT

Problem 2 = SWEAT

Whether it's game day or just a day on the job, we all want to perform our best...


If we want to perform our best, we have to SHOW UP PREPARED.

Show up prepared both PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY.  

In order to show up prepared, we have to FEEL LIKE WE'VE PUT IN THE WORK.

Feeling like we've put in the work comes from COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY.

Commitment and Consistency breed COMFORT and CONFIDENCE.

The Commitment, Consistency, and Confidence is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. 

The Comfort... is OURS.


Our sweat-wicking, 4-way stretch dress shirts are prepared for situations most dress shirts just aren’t, so you can worry about your performance and not your shirt.



6AM = Progress

Progress in Fit

Progress in Comfort

Progress in Confidence

Progress in Performance

Progress is the key to High Performance