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Our Story

        Our founder, Jeremy West, came up with the idea for 6AM WorkShirts while cycling. He noticed on a daily ride that his cycling jersey had 2 separate materials. A normal polyester fabric on the front and back, and a sweat-wicking mesh on the sides designed to deal with sweat efficiently. 
       He wondered, why are dress shirts only ever one fabric? When he finally convinced himself that the reason was mainly tradition, and that it was time for dress shirts to evolve, the idea to marry two different materials in a dress shirt was born.
       He took an old dress shirt and an athletic jersey to a tailor and asked him to cut out the sides of the dress shirt, and insert the jersey material. The tailor laughed at the unconventional idea, but embraced it. He ended up making a totally custom shirt that Jeremy could test out over the course of a hot summer. 
       The concept worked in more ways than one. Less sweat, better fit, easier to iron, and more comfortable. 6AM WorkShirts was born.