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Now donating 6% of our sales to the Canadian Mental Health Association, National.

We’re all trying to succeed at work and in business.
In order to succeed, our Physical and Mental health must

be. on. point.

But it’s not as easy as just magically turning a dial up on our physical and mental health.
It takes WORK! 
How do you do it? 
We’re glad you asked :)
Physical and Mental health are intertwined.
Like two peas in a pod.
Working on your Physical-Health is one easy way to start increasing your Mental-Health.
Our founder used cycling to increase physical aerobic health, 
but he noticed it also calmed him down...
It reset him,

it put his mind in the right place. 

We can all agree our Health is important.

Yet its the first thing to be sacrificed when we get “busy.” 

It’s time consuming. It’s about time a company cared. 
6AM WorkShirts is all about physical and mental health in the work place.
We’re here to do our part.
A typical work-day includes physical and mental stresses, 
These stressors cause involuntary...


This is WHY we developed our “cycling-inspired” mesh side-panel.
It will help take care of the sweat caused by the BIG-BOSS being in town, 
from you getting your "ass kicked" in a high-pace environment, (restaurants)
or from that "post lunch-break workout glow.”  
We got you when it comes to the SWEAT.
But the mental-health side should be left to the experts.
That’s why we’re announcing...
That we will now be donating 6% of our sales to the Canadian Mental Health Association, National.