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Our Story

        Our founder, Jeremy West, was struck with the idea for 6AM WorkShirts while cycling. He noticed on his daily climb up Knox Mountain in Kelowna, BC, that his cycling jersey had 2 separate materials. A seemingly normal athletic material on the front and back, and a high-performance sweat-wicking mesh on the sides that dealt with sweat extremely efficiently. 
        Because he would sweat an embarrassing amount in his suit daily, Jeremy then had the idea to combine two separate materials in a dress shirt. This solved both of the major problems he always experienced in the dress shirts he wore everyday while managing a high-volume restaurant.

Problem 1 = FIT

        One of the biggest problems with dress shirts is FIT.Generally, companies will "box cut" their dress shirts in order to save on cost, meaning the waist measurement is the same width as the chest. This creates what we call the "Squirrel Suit Problem" where the shirt billows out of your belt so much so that you'd be safe if you fell off of a cliff. 


        The average person will tailor their dress shirt to fit JUST RIGHT, but in doing so they sacrifice comfort and mobility. OR one could "up-size" and sacrifice fit for comfort by purchasing a shirt a size too big.


        Our dress shirts waist measurement is on average 4" smaller than the chest, which may cost more to manufacture, but we believe is well worth it. This creates a perfectly tailored fit. And with our 4-way stretch side-panels, you won't have to sacrifice comfort for the perfect tailored fit. This is why we call it our "Unrestricted-Fit"

Problem 2 = SWEAT

        Sweating in a dress shirt is more common than one would think. Whether wearing a dress shirt for a wedding, a high-stakes work presentation, in a hot environment, or if you’re constantly on the move, your body WILL naturally sweat.
        People have tried to solve this problem in the past by wearing an undershirt. They try to prevent sweating through their shirts by ADDING ANOTHER LAYER
        With our sweat-wicking side panels designed for extreme athletic events, your sweat will be wicked away with even the slightest breeze. 
        After several prototypes and thousands of fabric samples, Jeremy wore a 6AM WorkShirt for about a year before he'd even come up with the brand name to make sure that the product worked. Jeremy thinks he has solved the pains and problems he'd always experienced while wearing dress shirts and hopes he's now solved them for you too. 
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