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Our "Why"

6AM Quotes has one purpose above all: Helping others develop a High-Performance mindset. 6AM Quotes is the sister site to 6AM WorkShirts, a High-Performance Dress-Shirt company.

Throughout 6AM WorkShirts journey, the company felt an internal struggle that the business was solely about SELLING SHIRTS and not enough about PROVIDING VALUE. There was one problem, how could a dress shirt company provide value beyond the product itself? What they discovered was that the shirt isn't just a dress shirt, it's a physical representation of a high-performance mindset, which served as a reminder to BE a high-performer everytime you put it on.

This led us to start 6AM "Quotes"

How 6AM "Quotes" Works...

  • Each blog post will take less than 1 minute to read.
  • We will post daily, Monday-Friday, at 6AM! ;)
  • We will focus on 1 book per week.
  • Each post will have an image of the book discussed, which is a link to purchase the book if you choose to dig further.


  • Comments and discussions are encouraged, whether or not you've read the book.
  • Subscriptions are encouraged to save you time. Why not get the blog post delivered to your inbox each morning?
  • Sharing is kindly encouraged. Send this site to fellow readers and achievers!
  • And of course, we encourage you to support the author and purchase the full book!

It only seems fitting to end this introduction to 6AM Quotes with a quote, so here it is...


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu

Take Your First Step Into 6AM "Quotes"...


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